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Play online casino games. Roulette, Blackjack.

As I said before online gambling online casino bonus no deposit offers a wide range of games. You may know some of them, and some may be new for you. I think some games you won’t find in live online casino site. Maybe they will be a pleasant and interesting surprise for you to play online casino blackjack. Further I’ll try to describe the rules and the most optimal game strategies.

American roulette online. The wheel has 38 numbered slots: figures (from 1 to 36), plus zero (0) and double zero (00) belong neither to red nor to black. American roulette differs from European in the www best online casino one due to sequence of slot numbers. Near number columns there are fields for bets on dozens opposite corresponding numbers. It`s not like online casino blackjack. The first dozen is 1-12, the second one is 13-24 and the third one is 25-36. Next there are fields for bets on equal chances. At the top of the columns there is a zero and a double zero like blackjack online. At the bottom of the columns there are fields for bets on columns marked 2:1 according to how bets are paid by bästa online casino . They belong to all 12 numbers located in a column above.

French roulette (En Prison). French roulette is a kind of European roulette where bets are located on both sides of numbers when you play online casino money and where a gambler gets half of his wager back on Even money bet if a zero pops in. Originally in case a zero pops in Even money bets were removed to the line and were declared to be ‘in prison’. These bets played in the next spin for roulette casino game and a gambler could free them if he wins or loose them. Today in online casino half of wager is returned in case zero pops in both on a European (French Roulette) and American table. Roulette bets. On a layout you can make the following bets: bets upon a single number, a group of two, three, four, five, six and twelve numbers, a column of 12 numbers, red or black, an even or odd number and ‘more-less’ meaning bets covering a layout from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. Of course, chances to win in best online casino gambling on each of these bets are different thus they are paid differently depending on risk level.

European roulette. The wheel has 37 numbered slots: numbers (from 1 to 36), plus zero (0). 18 red and 18 black numbers, and a green slot numbered zero. On a European layout numbers from one to thirty six are located in three columns of casino online making arithmetic sequence. Numbers are either red or black according to color on a online roulette wheel. At the top of the columns there is a number zero with best online casino bonus. Near the columns on one side there are six panels. Each of them has a name: «Odd», «Even», «1 to 18», «19 to 36», «Red» и «Black». Looks like you are playing online blackjack and slotmaskiner. Bets placed in free online casino cash on these panels are called “equal chances”. Under panels with equal chances there are bets on dozens. This panels are usually marked as follows: P12 – the first, M12 – the second, D12 – the third. Under number field there are fields for bets on columns in casino online casino.